Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stay Matte Powder by Rimmel

There's been a lot of hype about Rimmel's Stay Matte powder. Tanya Burr, an amazing make-up artist (check out her website or YouTube channel), has often said how much she loves this powder. I saw it a while ago and decided that it would be worth checking out. 

I think one of the reason this is such a widely-loved product is that it is soooo cheap! Absolutely amazing quality, and it is affordable. I have to agree with the majority and say that this is an incredible powder. It really does mattify any oily areas on your face. 

I just take a small amount on a brush, usually my Real Techniques one, and sweep it across my t-zone, which tends to get a little oily during the day. In terms of the actual product, 11/10, but I have one issue, and that is the packaging. I find it very difficult to take with me in a purse or in my make-up bag, as the lid comes off very easily. Also, it doesn't have a mirror, so you will have to carry a portable one with you if you want to have the option of touching up your make-up when you go out. 

xx Tina

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste is a very well known dry shampoo brand. What is dry shampoo? It's basically an extra day without washing your hair in the shape of a hairspray. Dry shampoo is a special scented powder that, when rubbed into the scalp, absorbs any excess oil that causes your hair to look overly shiny or dirty. It is great for keeping in a gym locker for getting rid of that post-workout, sweaty hair look, or works equally as well if you just need a quick refresh in the middle of the day. I would recommend this to anyone who, like me, has lazy days - those times when you just can't be bothered shampooing and conditioning. 

Batiste, I have to say, has done very well in terms of this product. There are a variety of sizes, multiple scents, and versions made especially for brunettes (the powder is tinted a darker colour) and for those who want extra volume in their hair. All you have to do is shake the bottle vigorously, tip your head forward, and spray the first few inches of hair from your scalp. Then, using your fingers or a hairbrush, massage the powder into your hair until you cannot see it - otherwise, it looks like you've had a disaster while baking with flour. If used properly, dry shampoo can make your hair look like it was washed yesterday. After it has absorbed, continue with your hair routine as usual.

I like this product a lot. If I find a shop that sells it in the largest size, I will pick it up. Batiste also has miniature sprays, for keeping in your handbag or beauty bag. Overall, I think that this dry shampoo is a great purchase. It's quite cheap, too, for such a good product. I give it a 10/10 rating. There are high quality dry shampoos out there, which cost A LOT of money, but I shall be sticking with Batiste. 

xx Tina

Monday, September 16, 2013

Capri by Essie

In a couple weeks, I will be heading to New Caledonia on a school trip, with my friends, for a week. We were all discussing outfits and swimwear when I realized that I needed a nail-polish to wear for the trip. It was an easy choice. For the past few weeks, I have been loving Essie's nail polish. We don't get them in New Zealand very much - you have to really look around to find one. I was at a mass make-up clearance and came across some really pretty colours, but the one that stood out was definitely Capri

It's a beautiful, bold orange. I know that half the world is heading into winter, but this is the perfect colour for pretending you're in the middle of a hot summer. I was very impressed by how fast the polish dries. Also, you only need one coat on each nail to get a really nice colour. A 9/10 rating from me!

If you are interested in Essie nail polishes and haven't bought one before, I would recommend looking into purchasing one or two. If you're into pastel shades, I would check out Mint Candy Apple. It's a gorgeous shade of green.

xx Tina